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We are Reliable wood and Timber suppliers that offers Solutions to every wood problems you might have. 

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Hardwood is considered the ultimate versatile wood. It’s applications range from exquisite veneers, furniture, musical instruments, flooring, construction and boatbuilding. It is a material of real beauty. Furthermore, hardwood is available in countless combinations of species, specifications and colours. Also, because of their condensed and more complex structure, hardwoods generally offer a superior level of strength and durability. The most common types of hardwoods include Oak, Teak, Sapele, Iroko and Meranti.

Softwood is renowned for its versatility and strength. Sourced from all over the globe, with a large breadth of applications and a remarkably aesthetic appeal. Softwood can be used across a broad range of internal and external projects. For example, furniture and flooring to decking, landscaping, external joinery and structural applications. Softwoods are more readily available and easily manipulated.

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Why Choose Angkun Timber For Your Wood & Timber Supplies

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Reliable Customer Service from your premium timber suppliers

Our 24/7 customer service team is always ready to listen to your inquiries. For our wood products, we are ready to guide you through your order with us. We are committed to offering you quality services that will enable you to successfully place your order with us.

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Supply a wide Variety of Timber products

Auea-angkun supplies all wood/timber products. Namely, but not limited to, finished lumber, rough cut lumber, cants, logs, wood pellets. Furthermore, we also supply Timber dunnage, Bearers and gluts, packing timber, structural timber,treated pine,crane pallets,timber pallets, timber skids,timber boces and crates,Scalloped timber,Grooved Timber, woodchips, firewood,kindling, kindling and more.

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We handle your timber needs to match your required specification.

With us you can order different types of wood products online regularly. In fact, you can be sure to always get the right quality and quantity of timber delivered.

Bring us your need and we would have that supplied to you.

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If you are looking for where to order wood and timber online near you then Angkun Timber is your go to Premium Timber & wood suppliers.

With us distance is just a matter of a few hours as we are able to have your Quality wood supplies delivered to you in less than no time.

Get in touch with us today to place an order.

Our Green Support

Each year we plant over 1000+ trees. first, to aid in greening the environment, and also to assist in preventing erosion. Subsequently, compete and overtake noxious weeds (such as serrated tussock) and provide habitat for animals.

So far, we’ve planted over 18,000 trees for carbon sequestration. Finally, We are dedicated to creating a better world for those coming after us.