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Best wholesale wood suppliers at a discount

Our partnership with experienced experts assures reliable sourcing and competitive prices for wood and timber. Angkun Timber Trade Co.,Ltd provides you with the possibilty to buy wood in bulk. This we do along the lines and based on acknowledged grading rules and trade terms, based on mutual agreements.  Most of our customers include importers and industrial end-users.

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Suppliers of Various types of Wood

Auea-angkun Timber Trade Co.,Ltd has been operating for years in the field of wood export. Hence, we are known as premium exporters of raw wood and timber to various industries and factories around the world. Also, we supply different wood types like European beech, oak, pine and more in a variety of prices, sizes, shapes, and different qualities according to customer requirements. Further, all the wood supply is primarily for factories and industries that are producing furniture, kitchens, and also for various projects.

Quality Control that meets International Regulations for wood Importation

It is important to know that, Auea-angkun Timber Trade Co.,Ltd works in cooperation with different governments standards institutes. Such as, FSC in target countries, that are responsible for quality control. This is a guarantee that all of the wood products we supply and the importation process is within the international regulations for maintaining fair trade and safety products.

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Supply of Different Timber types

With us there is a platform for cooperation. As we cooperate with dozens of factories across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. We also provide you with a variety of wood and timber types. Therefore, we have the ability to provide a verity of timber types and transport them anywhere in the world at competitive prices. We operate in commitment and transparency towards our business partners/clients in integrating business goals of the company, compliance with obligations and maintaining Sustainability.


Different Types of wood for different Industries

The wood is Exported worldwide and can be ordered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and in different prices. It is mainly for the heavy industry like wood furniture manufacturing plants, carpentry workshops, warehouses and traders, workshops, and construction companies. You can order a variety of wood products from us such as beech wood molding and profiles, wood elements, wood beams, wooden lumber in different sizes. You will also find rough cut lumber to your satisfaction or unedged and unprocessed raw wood for production and processing, modified upon request.

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