Softwood is renowned for its versatility and strength. Our Softwood Sleepers Near Me are Sourced from all over the globe, with a large breadth of applications and a remarkably aesthetic appeal, softwood can be used across a broad range of internal and external projects – from furniture and flooring to decking, landscaping, external joinery and structural applications. Softwoods are more readily available and easily manipulated. They also develop at a quicker pace, leading to lower cost levels. They are flexible, lighter in weight and less dense than most hardwoods. Softwoods are commonly used for interior mouldings, the manufacturing of windows, construction framing and generating sheet goods such as plywood and fibreboard.

softwood sleepers near me
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softwood sleepers near me
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Softwood trees

Softwood is usually wood from gymnosperm trees such as pine and spruce. They often reproduce using cones and occasionally nuts. The softwoods trees have needle- or scale-like leaves that most often remain on the tree all through the year. Hence, softwood trees are sometimes called evergreens. Botanically, they are known as gymnosperms and instead of bearing seeds from flowers, gymnosperms have exposed seeds in cones.

softwood sleepers near me
Wholesale treated softwood

Softwood Railway Sleepers

At Angkun Timber we have the broadest and most comprehensive range of softwood sleepers for sale in different species and grades to cover all timber requirements. We have a core range of softwoods held in stock at all of our branches, backed up by daily supplies from our National Distribution Centre. As well as standard products, bespoke requirements are our speciality, with machining, grading and treatment facilities available group-wide.

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