Hardwood planks

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The Hardwood is considered the ultimate versatile material. With applications ranging from exquisite veneers, furniture, musical instruments, flooring, construction and boatbuilding. It is a material of real beauty. Furthermore, hardwood is available in countless combinations of species, specifications and colours. And also, because of their condensed and more complex structure, hardwoods generally offer a superior level of strength and durability.

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We supply Different Types of hardwood

Common types of Hardwood

hardwood suppliers near me
Photo showing some huge piles of wooden planks and fence posts, freshly sawn up in a sawmill and piled in the timber yard, ready to be sold to the general public.

The most common types of hardwoods include Oak, Teak, Sapele, Iroko and Meranti. As these grow at a much slower rate and require longer drying times. These factors drive up the Prices of hardwood. Additionally, hardwoods tend to be much more resilient than softwoods and are often reserved for projects that require maximum durability.

Hardwoods such as beech, maple and walnut are usually reserved for bespoke joinery projects, crafting furniture, wooden flooring and fine veneers. These types of hardwood are most suitable for these tasks. As they desire particular aesthetic characteristics, such as colour and woodgrain.

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At Angkun Timber we have experience with hardwood. This experience is gained over decades of meeting the exact timber requirements of companies and individuals. We supply hardwood in wholesale quantities to many companies worldwide. Specifically, we carry what we believe to be one of the widest timber-based product ranges in the world. Also, we pride ourselves on the high standards of timber we supply. We aim to be able to meet virtually any hardwood requirement from stock. When we can’t, we’ll source it specially. We also offer a full machining service and can supply everything from a simple length of timber to intricate mouldings.

hardwood suppliers near me
We stock different types of Hardwood

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