Wood pellets for sale

Wood pellet bedding for horses are little cylindrical bits made from fine-ground wood bark with diameters ranging from 5 to 10 mm and a length of 10–20 mm. Because of their compact and fixed structure, they are frequently employed as fuel by feeding into a burner automatically.

Wood pellet uses

Our wood pellets can be used as wood pellet bedding for horses, wood pellet fuel stove, cat and rabbit litter.

Wood pellets for heating stove and boilers

Angkun timber wood pellets have been specially produced for heating. Also, it is biosecure and burns well in pellet stoves.

• Quality standards of 6 mm or 8 mm Din+ premium pellet
• Pellets have a lenght of 5-20 mm, diam. 6 mm
• Sulphur contained less than 0,05%
• Energy content approx. 4,8 kWh/per kg
• Ash contect less than 0,5%
• Bulk density more than 650 kg/m³

Heating pellets packaging:

• 65 x 15 kg bags on pallet, in total (975 kg)
• 24 pallets on a semi-trailer

We are always looking for distribution partners worldwide. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that selling our wood pellets will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. Hence, to expedite the process, please fill in contact form or send us an email.