Plywood 25mm is an engineered wood made from multiple layers of thin veneer that are glued together. Each adjacent layer is rotated by up to 90 degrees to reduce the risk of splitting when nailed in at the edges. This ‘cross-graining technique also improves strength, stability and prevents warping, making it an excellent general-purpose construction panel. At B&Q we only buy responsibly sourced wood. All of our plywood sheets are CE and FSC Certified.

Wholesale Plywood distributors

Plywood sheets are an essential part of many DIY projects. If you’re working on a traditional project or a plywood distributor, and need a wholesale plywood supplier, then Angkun Timber has the sizes, grades and selection you need.

Cut to size Plywood in bulk

Whether you’re buying sheathing plywood or marine plywood, the most common size is 4 x 8 plywood. Of course, Angkun Timber offers a variety of other popular sizes in sanded and unsanded finishes to help you supply to your clients non stop. Order cut to size plywood in 5mm,15mm and 25mm sizes.

Veneer Plywood Options

Because there are so many plywood options, it pays to do a little research prior to making your purchase. For example, does your job need hardwood or softwood plywood?

Don’t let the name fool you. Softwood plywood is incredibly strong and can be used for outdoor construction applications, such as sheathing or roofing plywood, as well as indoors. It comes in a range of sizes, thicknesses and grades. You can even use softwood plywood outside of the home, like for building a doghouse or outfitting your work bench with a new top.

Hardwood plywood, like Baltic birch plywood, is commonly used for cabinetry and furniture making. Birch plywood is extremely strong and quite beautiful, so it’s common to see it used for shelving, doors and paneling. You’ll also find Lauan, or Luan, plywood in this category. Be warned, though. Because of its flexible nature, it should not be used in flooring applications without supplementary strengthening materials. Additionally, decorative plywood flooring isn’t always made of hardwood plywood. Depending on your budget, a softwood option may work best for the job.

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