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We are suppliers of beech plywood at the best wholesale prices for plywood online. Beech Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ Sheets available in 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch thickness. The beech plywood we stock is “European Steamed Beech”.  The color is pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue.

beech plywood suppliersOrder Wholesale Beech Plywood from us for it’s different uses.

We supply Beech Plywood in bulk which is known for it’s technical and decorative values. Used in furniture and applications requiring strength. Sometimes referred to as Multiplex beech panel, this is ideal for worktops, benches / bench tops and table tops.

Our Plywood specifications

Our plywoods come in different Birch Plywood Specifications

They are:

4mm  6mm  6.5mm  9mm  12mm  15mm   18mm  21mm  24mm  27mm  30mm  32mm  35mm
Panel Sizes
Metric: 2440 x 1220  –  2130 x 1220  –   2500 x 1250

Imperial:  8ft x 4ft  –  7ft x 4ft

Cut Size Panels:  Available, contact us for inquiries.


I  –  II  –  III  –  IV   (B  –  BB  –  CP  –  C)
EN314-2 class 3 (previously WBP: Weather and Boil Proof) dark brown glue
MR (moisture resistant) interior, colourless glue
Moisture Content
10% (+/- 5%) to EN322
In accordance with the standard EN 13986 the formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements (test method EN 717 Part 2)
Packing (sheets per pack)
4mm (190)  –  6.5mm (140)  –  9mm (100)  –  12mm (50)  –  15mm (40)  –  18mm (35)  –  21mm (30)  –  24mm (25)  –  27mm (22)  –  30mm (20)  –  35mm (17)
The number of laminations – 1.4mm thick veneers, cross bonded
4mm (3 ply)  –  6.5mm (5 ply)  –  9mm (7 ply)  –  12mm (9 ply)  –  15mm (11 ply)  –  18mm (13 ply)  –  21mm (15 ply)  –  24mm (17 ply)  –  27mm (19 ply)  –  30mm (21 ply)  –  35mm (25 ply)
Core Options

Beech  Face & Core: beech
Deciduous  Face: beech / Core: birch, alder, beech
Combi  Face: beech / Core: birch, alder, beech, pine
Beech throughout: 800kg per M3

We supply different grades of plywood.

Our plywoods come in different grades

I Grade

The highest quality plywood
maximum 3 repair patches (plugs) per M2
filled unsound knots up to 6mm (2 per M2)
filled splits up to 1/10th panel length, 3mm wide, (3 per M2)
slight discolouration permitted
pin knots permitted, up to 15mm (not more than 30mm cumulative diameter per M2)

II Grade

High-quality plywood
maximum 6 repair patches (plugs) per M2
filled unsound knots & holes up to 10mm (3 per M2)
filled splits up to 1/5th panel length, 5mm wide, (3 per M2)
slight discolouration permitted
knots permitted, up to 35mm
III Grade
Repair patches (unlimited)
filled unsound knots & holes up to 40mm
filled splits up to 1/3 panel length, 20mm wide, (3 per M2)
slight discolouration permitted

knots permitted, up to 50mm
glue penetration up to 5% of panel surface
sanding through up to 1% of panel surface
Defects at the edges up to 5mm
IV Grade
The lowest grade plywood. Not sanded, open defects of wood structure and processing defects are allowed.

For construction purposes when face grade is not important i.e. packaging.
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