Biomass Wood Pellets

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We supply top quality wood pellets for biomass boilers. Biomass pellets are made at our pelletisation plant. Here wood that is unsuitable for other industries like sawmill residues, are brought together.

The wood is chipped, screened for quality, heated to reduce its moisture content to below 12% and then converted into a fine powder. This is then pressed through a grate at high pressure to form the solid, short, dense biomass pellet.

Biomass Wood Pellets Near Me

We supply biomass wood pellets all year round. With our plants in Asia and in the UK, we are able to have the wood pallets supplied to our clients on time to meet their demands.

Angkun Timber wood pellets have been specially produced for heating. It is biosecure and burns well in pellet stoves. As such, we can categorically say we offer a unique biomass fuel.

Biomass Wood pellets specifications

• Quality standards of 6 mm or 8 mm Din+ premium pellet
• Pellets have a lenght of 5-20 mm, diam. 6 mm
• Sulphur contained less than 0,05%
• Energy content approx. 4,8 kWh/per kg
• Ash contect less than 0,5%
• Bulk density more than 650 kg/m³

Our Wood Pellets Are Available For Sale In Following Packaging:

• 65 x 15 kg bags on pallet, in total (975 kg)
• 24 pallets on a semi-trailer

We are always looking for distribution partners worldwide. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that selling our wood pellets will be one of the most enjoyable and profitable parts of your business. To conclude, please fill in the contact form or send us an email to expedite the Biomass wood pellet order process.


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