Birch firewood



We supply the cheapest Birch as firewood in bulk. Birch is a popular firewood option worldwide for everything from cooking to campfires to hearth heating homes.

Birch Firewood Size And Packaging

Our company produces fresh and kiln dried Birch wood for sale. Length usually is adjustable to each customer request, but usually we have two standard sizes 25- 27 cm and 28-30 cm. Our Birch wood has the best quality, because it is kiln dried mechanically. We package them in 2 m3 crates, or 22 and 40 l bags.

Birch wood suppliers

Specifications Of Birch wood

BTU: 20.8
Weight: 4312 green, 2992 dry
Seasoning Time: approximately 1 year if properly stacked and covered
Resin / Sap Content: roughly 8 percent moisture content when seasoned
Splitting Difficulty: medium
Smoke: medium
Smell: slight

Birchwood Btu

A BTU is a unit of measurement relative to incremental and quantitative increases in thermal energy.

It is also an acronym. “BTU,” stands for, “British Thermal Unit.”  Developed in the 1800s, a BTU refers to how much thermal energy is needed to increase the ambient temperature of a pound of water by 1 degree.




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