Epal Euro Pallets

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Where to buy pallets near me

If you are wondering ”where to buy pallets near me?” then you are at the right place. We supply used and new heat treated European pallets at the required euro pallets dimensions. Contact us now to inquire on how much are euro pallets worth.

Are euro pallets treated?

Bulk European pallets with EPAL Quality Marks

We supply wholesale Euro pallets that have EPAL logo on the left corner. Furthermore, there is a code on the central leg that indicates the manufacturer and verifier. Also, there could be a special nail to record an accredited repair.

Other numbers denote the production year and type of wood; on the right corner there are EPAL and EUR logos. Grading marks may be added by pooling companies.

Buy pallets with EPAL Logo

Epal euro pallet specification

If you are looking to buy euro pallets of the correct dimension, then know that our pallets are of the standard size of Euro pallets, which is European 800 x 1200mm EUR 1.

Construction of our Euro pallet

Our Pallets vary by material (hardwoods and softwoods) and construction.

The construction determines whether they can admit forklifts and pallet jacks from two sides or four. In four-way block pallets, for example, upright edge stringers are replaced by block supported flat stringer boards, leaving space for forks beneath.

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