European White Ash Lumber



European White Ash Lumber is typically straight grained, and this, combined with its toughness and flexibility, makes it one of the world’s most valuable timbers for such uses as sports goods and striking tool handles. It is rather coarse textured, and varies somewhat in weight according to the growth conditions, from 528 kg/m³ to 816 kg/m³ when dried, but averaging 710 kg/m³.

Buying EU Lumber and the Environment

Not listed in CITES. We do have the European White Ash Lumber available for sale all year round. This is because we are one of the world’s well-managed sources for Lumber woods.

Where is European white lumber found

Our white Ash lumber comes from the UK and Thailand, They growing best on loamy soils where both the soil and the atmosphere is moist and cool.

The tree for white lumber

A tall, graceful tree, reaching a height of 30m to 42m on good sites. And as such, they do have a clear bole averaging 9m in length, and occasionally more. The diameter varies from 0.5m to 1.5m.

The timber

There is usually no distinction in colour between sapwood and heartwood, freshly cut wood being whitish to pale brown with a pink cast, turning to a slightly brownish-white after drying. In some logs, an irregular dark brown or black heartwood is found, but this is not necessarily a defect, as the timber is normally quite sound. Logs containing dark heart streaks are often enhanced in value because of the decorative nature of the wood which is known as olive ash. white ash is mostly used for sauna.

Drying European White Ash Lumber

Dries at a fairly rapid rate without excessive surface checking and splitting. However, under the influence of severe temperatures, there is a tendency to distort and for end splitting to occur. Distorted stock responds well to reconditioning kiln treatment.


This Lumber is Similar to oak in general strength properties, but tougher and more resistant to splitting.

Working qualities

Good – Although tough, ash works and machines quite well, and finishes to a reasonably smooth finish. It can be glued, stained, and polished.

What wood type is European White Ash Lumber:

The Eu white lumber is typically a Hardwood.


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