Oak Sawn Timber



We supply wholesale Oak Sawn Timber at the best prices. Our rough sawn boards are cut from prime grade timber which is kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content. These boards are ideal for the joiner, cabinet maker, or keen hobbyist who wants to plane their own components for their project. Buying components cut to size will save you a lot of time and money by reducing the volume of timber you need to buy and reducing your waste.

Custom Cut Fresh Sawn timber for sale

Please note if you require a custom cut for your sawn oak timber supply, Auea-angkun able to do that for you. The wider you go with a sawn to size board the more cup or twist there will be in the board so please also note when selecting the thickness of the sawn board to add 10-15mm to your required finished thickness.


Grade AA, AB, BB, ABC or FAS/F1F, 2A Common (No. 2AC) or “Rustic”
Available Thickness 24/ 28/ 30/ 32/ 33/ 38/ 40/ 45/ 50/
Available Width 90+mm
Available Length Up to 4000mm
Drying KD with moisture 6 – 12%
Usage Furniture (indoor/outdoor), Door, Yacht


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