Pine Pellets

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Pine pellets come from pine trees. Pines are evergreen trees that are mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere, such as North America, Europe, Russia and China. In addition, most species of pines can reach 15-45 meters tall. They are long-lived. Pine wood has many commercial uses. Also, they are excellent material to produce high-value woodworking, like furniture, floor, panels, etc.

In wood processing industries, there are usually large quantities of sawdust, wood powders, wood chips, wood shavings. Making them into wood pellets can solve wastes and create value. Compared with directly burning wood wastes. Wood pellets has 80% higher combustion efficiency and less pollutant emission.

How we pack and Store our pellets

For storage, transportation, and sales, our pine wood pellets need to be packaged in bags to prevent water and air. Consequently, pellet packing machine can realize automatic weighing, filling, and packing for wood pellets. Furthermore, We do pack the bags in pallets for easy and safe transportation.

Buy bulk pine pellets online from us and enjoy it’s different uses

We supply pine pellet in bulk at the best wholesale prices for pellets. This pellets can be used for;

  • Heating stoves, cooking stoves, water boilers, furnace. It can realize automatic quantitative supply so as to control the stove temperature.
  • Power plant for thermal-power generation. They have higher heat value and less emission than coals.
  • Horse bedding and cat littering. They have high moisture and smell absorbability, and emit fresh pine aroma. Therefore, each pellet can absorb liquid almost 4 times its weight. They are easy to clean.

AUEA ANGKUN TIMBER is always ready to be your regular suppliers for pellets.


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