Pine Sawn Lumber



Are you looking for the best pine Sawn Lumber for sale ?. You are in the right place. Our company Auea-angkun Timber Trade Company Limited is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of sawn lumber in bulk.

Treated pine sawn lumber wholesale

Pine lumber is one of the most popular types of softwoods used for flooring, fencing, and doors. A lot of homeowners utilize pine lumber due to its considerable benefits including; relatively affordable cost, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

If you are looking to buy softwood in bulk to supply to your clients for use on floors, walls, decks, or garden fences. Then, pine lumber can be an excellent option. Order treated pine sawn lumber in bulk from us and supply your clients with the best quality softwood lumber.

Benefits of using Pine softwood lumber


Looking to buy wholesale pine lumber. You can easily get your money’s worth as it is inexpensive compared to the other types of woods. Nevertheless, as compare to the price you pay, they are extremely strong.

Aesthetically Beautiful

As mentioned above, pine lumber is beautiful to look at. For instance, given its grain and natural patterns, fencing and flooring will have a lovely and unique appeal without a lot of effort. One can also retain the appeal and texture without giving much effort.

Order bulk Pine Lumber that meets your requirements.

Auea-Angkun supplies you with pine sawn lumber for sale in various qualities. All timber comes from responsibly managed forests in Europe and Asia. Our products have a densely grown fine structure that can withstand high strength requirements. However, they are also suitable for visible applications such as furniture, decking, flooring and interior panels.


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